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Generally used in the production for lead wire. The diameter and length varies according to the lead wire intended to be manufactured. The lead ingot prepared in our refinery unit is fed in the melting pot of the billet production line. The liquid lead is pumped by the hydraulic press, transferring it to the billet mould slot with high pressure. By this process the production of the lead billet is made continuously without any air gaps, resulting in perfect form. The length of the lead billet blocks are arranged according to customer request by the automatic cutting saw. The system works in an integrated form (pump, press and saw). With the use of high technology, the automatic control system provides faultless production in the same standard. Packaging of lead billet is made upon customer request. Specification of the lead cylinder : Cylinders maybe manufactured as 99,985% Pb pure lead, as well as alloyed lead with Sb, Sn, As, Ca, Cn and etc.