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Drip Irrigation Pipes (Super)


It is one of the most efficient technologies among existing irrigation systems. The basic principle in drip irrigation is to give the plants daily water need in the form of drops without creating an excessive water demand in the plant. In other words, it means watering the plant, not the soil.
In the drip irrigation method, chemical fertilizer application can be made every day or every 2-3 days to meet the plant nutrient needs together with the irrigation water. Thus, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in yield and quality.


• Although the increase in yield varies according to the climate and region, it can reach 50-100%.

• Provides early harvest by shortening the plant development period.

• Provides irrigation with low pressure and low flow water.

• More areas are irrigated with less water compared to other irrigation systems.

• The drippers placed in the pipe at regular intervals ensure that the water is delivered to the plant at the desired pressure and amount.

• It is the irrigation system with the highest irrigation efficiency among irrigation systems.

• Irrigation is applied equally on all sides of the land.

• Provides irrigation opportunity without causing erosion on sloping soils.

• Irrigation can be done in windy weather.

• Yield and irrigation quality are high.