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Lead Wire

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Lead wire is the core material used in the manufacturing of bullets. Within all the components of a bullet, lead has the most significant role for the bullet to stay in air aerodynamically. For this reason, the need of a homogeneous, flawless and standard quality production is inevitable. Lead billets are fed into the hydraulic press; a minimum pressure about 250 tons is applied to the cylinder, producing the lead wire output in requested diameter. The automatic controlled coiling equipment wraps the lead wire on requested size coil or loose in special designed crates upon customer specifications. The sizes of the coil and the weight of lead on coil are determined according to customer request and capacity of machinery. The standard coil weighs about 2kgs and the shaft diameter is Ø40mm. Production of lead wire are manufactured between 4mm-18mm. Specification of the lead cylinder : Lead wire can be manufactured as 99,985% Pb pure lead, as well as alloyed lead with Sb, Sn, As, Ca,Cn and etc.